About Us

Our Mission Statement

The Windsor Service Alliance provides temporary assistance and referral to local residents at their request and will establish a central location for the collection and dissemination of goods, services, and information to match their needs. WSA will advocate for those in need through liaison with city, county, state, federal and local agencies, both public and private, and by raising the level of community awareness of, sensitivity to, and participation in the long term resolution of these issues.

Overview of WSA

The Windsor Service Alliance is a cooperative, volunteer effort among groups and individuals who share a common concern for the well being of all the citizens of our community. We are committed to building a coalition which can best address the human issues which confront members of this society by alleviating the areas of human concern in our own town: hunger, homelessness, lack of adequate clothing, violence, unemployment, substance abuse, etc. This nonprofit, non-sectarian organization provides opportunities for involvement through the giving of time, talent, and /or financial support in the delivery of a variety of social services. Maintaining minimal administrative and operational costs is a priority with the organization.

Project Goals
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Windsor Service Alliance