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Organic Garden Beds at the Town Green Community Garden:
The Windsor Service Alliance is excited to be a part of the "Town Green Community Garden" located in downtown Windsor at the corner of Windsor Road and Joe Rodota Way, near the Police Station. We have worked with the Windsor Garden Club to maintain three 4' X 12' garden boxes. The focus of our Food Pantry Garden Program is to bring fresh, organically grown produce to our local families in need.  The garden also supports the Town of Windsor's efforts to foster healthy and active lifestyles while offering educational and volunteer opportunities.
Anna Guyer, WSA Board Member, is the Garden Volunteer Coordinator.  She oversees and coordinates the Food Pantry Garden beds with help from the Windsor Garden Club.  This includes organizing work days to plant or clean out the beds, weekly vegetable harvest and delivery and training garden volunteers. We continue to need a few "on call" volunteers to help to keep the garden growing. Anyone who is interested in gardening and helping provide local families with fresh vegetables, are encouraged to join in. We also invite students from Windsor Middle School and the local High Schools to sign up as part of their community service involvement projects. For more information or to leave a message, call WSA at 707-838-6947.
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"Meeting Humans Needs in Our Community"
A big thank-you to our dedicated garden volunteers from the Bridges Community-Based School; a special education transition program in Windsor that aims to prepare youth for a productive adult life and empower them to function with greater independence.